Working with ChurchFuture

As a lay person and business owner Raymond brings a down-to-earth perspective together with a vision of what congregations can accomplish for the kingdom of God.  His emphasis is on research-based coaching.  He doesn’t waste time with pointless exercises or re-plowing old ground.  He has developed techniques to involve all members in the process and release their energy.  His business background gives him an understanding of financial issues. He has used that understanding to help many congregations expand their financial resources and use them wisely. 

ChurchFuture works with other skilled consultants in situations that call for additional expertise, and often works in conjunction with denominational staff members.

ChurchFuture’s current and completed clients include Lutheran, United Church of Christ, United Methodist, United Presbyterian and  non-denominational churches in Minnesota, Washington and Florida. These churches range in size from 28 members to over 900.  Four of the churches are ethnic-specific and two meet the definition of multiracial.

The ChurchFuture Story

In 1999 the Minneapolis Area Synod (ELCA) asked Dave Raymond to join the synod’s Urban Planning Consultants team. This team included pastors and lay people and who were trained in the Search Institute congregational planning methodology. After the Urban Planning Consultants disbanded Raymond continued to work with local congregations as a sideline to his other business. At the same time he did research in the area congregational development.

In his younger days Raymond was a co-founder and early president of Seward Redesign, a  non-profit housing developer that started in 1972 as a partnership between Trinity Lutheran Congregation and a neighborhood organization. Seward Redesign is still strong today, 44 years later.

Raymond has an MA in American Studies from the University of Iowa. After a career in real estate management, finance and development he owned a human services business located in downtown Minneapolis. He occasionally serves as a consultant to other small businesses.

Dave Raymond is motivated by a conviction that we are called to share God’s unconditional love for us as shown in Jesus Christ. The Christian congregation—imperfect as it often is—is almost always the best vehicle available to share God’s love with others.


We tailor our fees to fit the circumstances of each congregation.  No matter how tight your finances are, we are almost always able to figure out a fee structure that works. We’ve often helped churches get grants or assistance for part of the fee and in some cases we discount or defer part of the fee. We insist, however, that each client congregation pay at least a portion of the cost. We also take measures to reduce travel expenses for clients outside the Twin Cities.

Contact:, 612-227-0526