Coaching for a Brighter Future

These are challenging times for most churches. Tight budgets, aging membership and public disinterest are not easy to confront. Is your congregation tired of just getting by? You may find that an experienced outside coach can help you get unstuck and find the direction that will fulfill your mission.

In reality the problems you face can be the first stage of hope.In the Japanese language the character for crisis is a combination of the characters for danger and opportunity. ChurchFuture can help your congregation turn your dangers into opportunity.


David Raymond of ChurchFutureOver the past decade David Raymond from ChurchFuture has worked as a church consultant and coach with over 70 ELCA, UMC, and UCC churches, often in  partnership with denominational staff members and other consultants. Through this experience ChurchFuture has learned how to help congregations uncover their shared vision for the future and take the steps to bring a brighter future into fruition.

"Dave is a very able leader of groups and always looks to hear all voices of those attending the meeting. He is a leader who knows how to lead but also senses when to step back and let others lead."

 Marko Fields, lay leaderNortheast Community Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Working with ChurchFuture 

 As a lay person and business owner Raymond brings a down-to-earth perspective together with a vision of what congregations can accomplish for the kingdom of God.  His emphasis is on research-based coaching.  He doesn't waste time with pointless exercises or re-plowing old ground.  He has developed techniques to involve all members in the process and release their energy.  His business background gives him an understanding of financial issues. He has used that understanding to help many congregations expand their financial resources and use them wisely.  The services page has more information about Raymond's background.


Sometimes the pathway to a brighter future involves partnership with other congregations. ChurchFuture has guided a number of church collaborations. ChurchFuture provides a web site,, to share some of what we have learned.  Raymond was part of innovating the new concept of rebirth mergers.